Defensive Gun Use of the Day: Airsoft Fail Edition

You need some money, but getting a job takes too long and requires, you know, work. So why not try home invasion? We hear it can be lucrative. And if you’re going to go to all the trouble of busting into someone’s home, better to do it with overwhelming numbers. Which probably explains why five – count ’em, five – guys broke down the door to a Fairborn, OH residence Monday night. Trent Seitz and Christopher Muse were home at the time, and probably couldn’t believe their eyes when the five bulled their way in and started waving a pistol around. Lucky for them, it was a plastic gun. Even more fortunate, Muse had a real one . . .

The dood flashing the plasti-gat was Anthony Berwick. Imagine his surprise when Muse pointed a pistol his way that actually went bang and opened a hole in his leg. One of Berwick’s accomplices, Ta’Vaun Fambrough, was probably even more shocked when a round from Muse’s firearm tore through his torso.


“Seitz and Muse have not been charged in the fatal shooting,” said Sgt. (Paul) Hicks, who is calling this incident, self-defense.

Fambrough’s next of kin have, by now, likely been notified. The remaining members of the Fairborn Five are now guests of the taxpayers and have been charged with various felonies. So remember, as this case so clearly demonstrates, no one really needs more than ten rounds to defend themselves. Unless, there are a lot of bad guys. Or they have real guns. Or you miss.