Daily Digest: Getting Things Done

NICS Flow Chart courtesy fbi.gov

Despite RF’s misgivings about the NICS background check system (or maybe because of it?), at least some Senate Republicans have apparently decided that “fixing” or expanding the Rube Goldberg-esque NICS system is one area where yes, we really can all get along. From talkingpointsmemo.com: “Last week brought stories of Republican Senators crossing the aisle to at least rhetorically endorse some of the president’s top goals on gun control. Sen. Mark Kirk (R-IL) is reportedly working with Democratic Senators on legislation to ban the trafficking of illegal guns. He’s also working “to find an amenable background-check proposal,” according to staff.” An Illinois Senator who’s amenable to more restrictions on Americans’ RKBA? Shirley, you jest . . .

But joining the junior squish from the Land of Lincoln is Oklahoma’s Tom Coburn.

“I think there’s lots of good things that can happen in terms of mental health screening and checks,” he said Friday while between meetings at the Summit Club in downtown Tulsa. “Everybody…if you transfer your car, you have to have a license to transfer, it has to go through that, that’s a responsibility of freedom. I have no problems with us making sure that we don’t allow guns to get in the hands of either felons, or people who are a danger to themselves or other people.

“I’m willing to work with Manchin and Schumer on that, and going to.”

In other news of slippery slopes . . .

No one wants to stop hunting, right?: The NSSF has jumped into the fray, filing a motion to intervene in a suit brought by the Center for Biological Diversity and the Sierra Club trying to stop hunting on federally managed lands. The claim: firing traditional lead ammo constitutes the illegal disposal of a hazardous waste. nssfblog.com

courtesy slate.com

OMG! Daniel Politi discovers that the New York Times has uncovered the awful truth:  “the gun industry” is teaching children to be safe with and use guns. slate.com

It all depends: Remember, it’s OK to carry an illegal concealed weapon in D.C. as long as you’re doing it to protect a paranoid, once-institutionalized liberal idealogue from mythical right wing assassins. dailycaller.com

Don’t take your guns to To(ronto), son: Canadian border agents want Americans to leave their heaters at home (Bill). freep.com