Senator Schumer to Walmart: Stop Selling Rifles. Voluntarily.


According to, New York Senator Schumer has asked Walmart to stop selling “assault rifles.” Voluntarily. The pol who doesn’t mind Bushmaster selling MSRs to the military reckons the Big Box retailer is not part of the solution to Sandy Hook-style spree killings. “We have no idea how many people [buying the guns] are mentally ill, or how many are felons. If Congress passes measures to reduce availability of these weapons, those efforts could be undermined by the purchase of thousands of weapons before then.” I guess the Senator doesn’t put much stock in Walmart’s reliance on [mandatory] FBI background checks to screen out felons and mental incompetents. Understandably. But we can’t go on together with suspicious minds; and Chuck’s willful ignorance knows no bounds, temporally-speaking . . .

Schumer wants the moratorium on assault weapons and high-capacity clips to last for as many months as it takes to pass legislation — that means it will include “Gun Appreciation Day,” which is scheduled for next Saturday.

So Senator Schumer wants Walmart to fall on its proverbial sword until the government and disarmament groupies can get its collective act together.

So now to the rumor mill . . .

A story broke that our beloved Wally World was caving to the pressure. While there has been no official announcements from WalMart in regard to guns or ammo, it seems that they might be simply sitting on the sidelines until the dust settles. According to the CNS News, WalMart is not taking any new orders at this time to replenish stocks. The fact that WalMart has not made any official announcements gives me hope, and here’s why.

We know that manufacturers of just about anything gun-related are going full bore. They have been cleared out of stock, and pretty much are just trying to keep up with demand. The manufacturers have stopped taking orders, or are rationing what they can to keep on supplying.

We also know, and this is key, that many have stopped giving the volume dealer discounts that they were prior. This means that WalMart and other large suppliers can’t make the profit they once did.

Given that the supply chain looks worse than the Sahara Dessert on its worse day, calling all the time only to be told to check back next week is a waste of resources. My hunch is WalMart will stay mum on things, and once all this settles down, they will return to normal business.