Buzz Bissinger: “Shoot Alex Jones with a Semi Automatic”

Citizen disarmament messiah, CNN chat show host and resident alien Piers Morgan is a bit of a lightning rod these days, accidentally on purpose. Giving InfoWars impressario Alex Jones air time was a clever ruse; Morgan knew full well that Jones would be Jones. (You might say “bat shit crazy” but I couldn’t possibly comment.) Buzz Bissinger, a sports writer for, seems to think Morgan should have been a bit more proactive. And if not then, now. “I don’t care what the justification is that you’re allowed in this country to own a semi-automatic weapon – much less a handgun. But what do you need a semi-automatic weapon for? The only reason I think you’d need it is, Piers, challenge Alex Jones to a boxing match, show up with a semi-automatic that you got legally and pop him.” Abby Hunstman at says “I would love to see that.” I think Mr. Buzz should be arrested for making a threat to Mr. Jones. Or maybe we should sick James Yeager on . . . someone. Or not.