Californians Turned Out to Peacefully Protest Saturday

I promised RF pictures from our Sacramento rally and here they are. The Capitol Building in Sacramento is really beautiful this time of year with the park area surrounding it. Saturday’s rally attendees got some great shots of the building. Although the mainstream media claimed hundreds, we believe the crowd peaked around 2,000 people. Most of those who attended were families. Kids and parents alike worked on coming up with creative signs. Make the jump for a sampling . . .

People can be so creative when that put their minds to it.

We had some pros photographing the event as well.

We wanted this to be family oriented and we got it! Clearly Pink Hello Kitty AR’s would have been a huge hit. If open carry were still legal in the Golden State.

As you can see, we were trying to be informative and teach people key differences in their logic. We had the honor of having Senator Jim Nielsen as a surprise guest speaker.

Last but not least, there is me. I honestly have never been so nervous in my entire life, speaking in front of cheering crowds with flags waving in the wind. I don’t think I messed up too badly, but let me tell you if this is what being a politician is like, now I know why they like it. Being in a TV or radio studio doesn’t even come close. We wanted to educate, inform, and inspire. I think we accomplished that.