Tulammo: Don’t Blame Us For Higher Prices


I run lots of Tulammo through my 5.56 AR and AK. It’s not the most accurate 5.56 ammo in the world, but it was cheap and it goes bang and it’s great for plinking and practice. (Although not necessarily with match-chambered race guns…) And now, like anything chambered in 5.56, it’s either gone or way overpriced. But…

Don’t blame Tulammo. Their reps told me the Russian-based manufacturer has increased its delivery volume, diverted production resources from other less-popular calibers to 5.56, and held their wholesale prices constant for the last six weeks. Any price gouging, they say, is happening at the retail level.

The Obama Panic buying surge has also reduced or postponed production of other calibers, including .38 Special which I’m now told is now on indefinite hold.