New(ish) From Mossberg: Lots Of Rails, QD Buttstocks, Threaded Muzzles

Mossberg’s rifles and shotguns remain largely the same as what they exhibited last year, with some evolutionary (as opposed to ‘revolutionary’) design improvements. Some of them, like the threaded muzzles on this bottom MVP rifle, are awesome. Flash hiders and muzzle brakes are fine, but the suppressor market is what Mossy is really gunning for. And that is simply awesome.

Other Mossberg features, like the  interchangeable ‘FLEX’ AR-style buttstock on the middle MVP rifle, are slightly silly. Really: why would you take an uber-accurate bolt action like an MVP and curse it with a slightly wobbly stock with absolutely NO cheek weld? This is just a marketing gimmick, and it probably costs the tackdriving MVP at least 2 MOA of practical accuracy.

Others, like multiple Picatinny rail sections on pump-action shotgun slides (not shown), are thoroughly bad ideas. Vertigrips on pumps are a waste of space, and Picatinny rail turns a shotgun slide into a cheese grater. Ask me how I learned this.