New From Mossberg: Maverick Thunder Ranch HS12 Over-Under Shotgun

Mossberg has taken a page from Stoeger’s ‘Double Defense’ playbook with their ‘Thunder Ranch’ edition of the HS2 over-under shotgun. Whatever influence Clint Smith actually had on this design is unknown, but whoever designed it had a great idea when they ditched the automatic safety that plagues most double-barrels . . .

That’s right: when you close the barrels the gun is instantly ready to fire, without any fumbling with the safety button. You can select which barrel fires first, but it won’t make a difference since both tubes are cylinder-bored for speedy pattern dispersion.

It’s got extractors (not ejectors), two muzzle-mounted side rails for lights and lasers (or bayonets, Joe), a fiber-optic front sight and a Picatinny rail scope mount that serves double duty as a rear sight notch.

MSRP: $549.