New From Kimber: “No Comment” On NY Gun Ban

Kimber is one of the few gunmakers still located in the godforsaken Empire State, which is in the process of banning all magazines with a capacity of more than a pathetic seven rounds. Their 8-round Tac Mags are fantastic, but unfortunately they’re going to turn a lot of Kimber employees and executives into newly-minted felons as soon as Andrew Cuomo signs the new bill into law . . .

So what’s Kimber’s take on this disaster? I stalked their booth this morning and asked them how Kimber is going to comply with the new law, avoid felony charges, and satisfy their customers who expect an 8+1 capacity from their pricy new 1911s. Three times, the answer was “no comment.” I kept getting referred higher up the food chain, but I didn’t have time to wait all morning for a different answer.

I don’t know about you, but maybe it’s time for Kimber to GTFO of NY. Their presence there was a bit of a puzzler before, but it’s almost incomprehensible now.