New From Kel-Tec: Bigger Magazines

In what I’d like to think is a nicely-timed FU to Andrew Cuomo (but probably isn’t) Kel-Tec is showing off higher-capacity magazines for their PF-9, P-3AT and P-32 subcompacts. The new PF-9 mag shown above gives you an extra round of 9mm (up to 8+1) and lets you wrap an extra finger around the grip; both of these are good things in my book. It’s available as a whole magazine, or as a 1-round baseplate extension to existing magazines…

The P-32’s extended magazine isn’t new (it’s been out for several months) but it ups your ante from 7+1 to 10+1 rounds of diminutive .32 ACP. Who knows when you might get mauled by a pack of poodles?

Also available (not shown): P-3AT 1-round extended baseplates and 9-round extended magazines.