Media Day At The Range Preview: Winchester Model 1873

I’m the resident lever-gun geek at TTAG, and this stunning reproduction of the classic Winchester Model 1873 is just my cup of tea steel and walnut. If you’ve never handled an 1873, its smooth action and mirror-bright bluing will show you why it’s always been considered one of the most elegant lever-action carbines ever made. And accurate, too. Once I got the proper sight picture with the buckhorn rear sights, it drilled the 1/2 scale steel pepper popper at 100 yards.

Image: Chris Dumm

It’s made for Winchester by Miroku in Japan these days. The factory rep was a helpful but (like all of us) half-frozen soul who didn’t know the MSRP or street price, so I’ll find out later in the week after we’re both thawed out.