Drool-Inducing Machining Job of the Day: Apex Tactical M&P 9 Slide

Ever since I took an intro to machining class in college, I’ve been in love with finely machined things. So when Scott Folk at Apex Tactical sent me these pictures last night of my M&P slide, I let out an audible giggle. All the machining is done and Scott should have it off to get the Melonite finish restored so that I can have it back in hand by the beginning of 2013.

This gun actually started as Nick Leghorn’s M&P 9. He picked it up for a song, but didn’t like the stippling that had been done to the grip by the previous owner. Being the gracious guy I am, I offered to take it off his hands so he wouldn’t have to suffer the shame of having an ugly firearm hanging around. Around the same time, Scott saw my review of the Leupold DeltaPoint and shot me a rather innocuous email.

Did I talk to you about low mounting Leupold Delta and Trijicon RMR optics on M&P slides? We’re just now starting to do that on our new Haas and if you’re interested in doing it on one of your guns, let us know.


I just got married, and I know I probably shouldn’t be spending money on this sort of thing, but this is my first “just because” gun. Literally everything else in the safe can be justified in one way or another (some are a stretch), but this one is just for fun. I’m not good enough to run in the Open Class at local matches, and I’m not sure that I’d feel comfortable carrying this either. Nope, this gun is just for fun. A range toy and a beautiful piece of machining from one of my favorite gunsmiths.

Expect a second round review of the DeltaPoint once I’ve shot a couple hundred rounds  or so and then a review of the handling characteristics and general shootability of my M&P along with a cost breakdown so you know what you’re getting into if you choose to do a similar build.