TTAG Daily Digest: The Camel’s Nose

I believe the Second Amendment precludes concealed carry permits, pre-gun sales background checks, state handgun registries, taxes on firearms or ammunition; any government involvement with firearms (other than laws re: their misuse). Which is why you don’t see me strolling the corridors of power in Washington protecting our gun rights or sipping Grey Goose martinis with Emily Miller and the Donald. But make no mistake: gun control advocates are equally “extreme.” They want to ban all civilian gun ownership. They say they support the Second Amendment. But there’s always a but. The road to hell is paved with their butts. Or something like that. The DiFi money shot came after the video above, when the Senator cites U.S. murder stats and says “you don’t have guns you don’t have those murders.” No guns, no gun deaths. That’s their plan. Whether they admit it or not. Whether they know it or not. Whether we like it or not. Anyway, here’s something we do like . . .

It’s all about the money, money, money. “While the sheriff’s posse is all volunteer, even paying for all their own guns and equipment, posse members are insured by MCSO.  The county would therefore likely be on the hook for any liability if some kind of accident happened during a school patrol.”

Why someone will buy Bushmaster from the Borg—I mean Freedom Group. Newtown Victims’ Legal Options Curbed By NRA-Backed Law [via]

Someone ought to send that link to Neal Pierce. States can lead effort to curb deadliest guns

It’s all about the money, money, money. Again. Still. “Gun buyers at the Tanner Gun Show are not too happy about having to wait a week for the [Colorado] background check to be completed. But some lawmakers think they have a solution that might make speed up the process and might be more fair to everybody — have the gun buyers pay for their own background check.”

Guns are for killing (a.k.a., stopping the threat). But if a bad guy wears body armor armed citizens are a non-starter. Go figure.

Concealed carry much? I didn’t think so. “Trying to guarantee safety via armed protection of any venue that might attract a maniac bent on killing as many people as possible before being killed or killing himself would require armed guards in many other places: playgrounds, daycare centers, amusement parks, theatres, shopping malls—anyplace where a shooter might find a crowd.”

When seconds count, the police have just left.