TTAG Daily Digest: Anti-Anthropomorphism


Wattup with Every day this week they’ve published a pro-gun control post from a writer who thinks he’s thinking “out of the box” when he is, plainly, out of his mind. Yesterday, a former marketing guy from Barnes & Noble proposed a FOPA-busting database of all gun and ammo purchases with an intelligent program to mine the info for potential psycho-killers. Today, a brand strategist semi-seriously suggests privatizing gun buybacks. Here’s the punchline: “there are more than a million guns in sickening circulation in New York, patiently waiting for victims to find their hapless and tragic ways in front of them.” Who knew guns were that devious? Perhaps tomorrow’s Atlantic will feature some bright spark recommending that we microstamp gun owners’ nipples. Not to give them any ideas . . . Anyway, here are some more firearms-related thoughts from around the net . . .

Cheaper The Dirt still struggling with its “process.” Still not selling firearms. Still losing business. reckons that Meet The Pressmeister’s David Gregory’s televised transgression—possession of an illegal-in-DC 30-round AR-15 magazine—proves that gun laws are too . . . weak. Go figure.

“We probably would get more out of our criminal-justice system if it were not so heavily populated by criminals . . . which is why we have a second amendment.” A DHS rip crew? I wonder if they’re armed. national


Never mind the h/t to Hunter Thompson; “deadly models made for murder” sounds like the voice-over promo for an old black-and-white detective film. Good news from Russia, anyway. As above.

NYC: homicides down, crime up. Bloomberg blames iPhones. Chicago’s homicide total tops 500. Wait! Not yet. LA at 297. Three cities with strict gun control. Or not.

“School safety experts and school board members say there’s a huge difference between a trained law enforcement officer who becomes part of the school family — and a guard with a gun.” Police figure that schools need police, not guards or, God forbid, armed civilians. Who saw that one coming?

Talking to yourself can be a sign of mental illness. “An effort led by Vice President Joe Biden to find ways to reduce gun violence after the Connecticut school massacre so far has not included talking to the National Rifle Association, the president of the gun rights group said on Friday.”

Megan McArdle thinks proposals to require gun owners to buy liability insurance are, ultimately, designed to do something about “our criminal gun problem.” Sorry Megs. The only “problem” an insurance requirement is designed to fix is that of people buying guns. Period.