TTAG Daily Digest: If You Want To Be Safer . . .

After [absent-mindedly] posting a seven-year-old article about British doctors wanting to ban kitchen knives, I figured I’d lay off the Brit bashing for a bit. And then Totenglocke sent me a link to the Economist’s article Newtown’s horror. The paper (as they preferred to be called) recommends a package of gun control laws which, by its own admission, the United State Supreme Court has already struck down. Twice. Recently. “If, as seems probable, this is held to conflict with the constitution, then the constitution needs to be amended.” Excuse me? That’s Constitution with a capital “C” you bastards. And while I’m happy that the Economist’s Oxbridge elitists prefer living as subjects in a constitutional monarchy that doesn’t have a written constitution—despite having provided one for colonies throwing off the yoke of British imperialism—well, piss off mate. We are talking about the second Amendment here . . . OK, more firearms-related news, views and videos . . .

The ATF swooped on the woman who provided felon turned fireman killer William Spengler. They’re gonna charge 24-year-old Dawn Nguyen with straw purchasing Spengler’s Bushmaster AR. Despite the fact that Spengler obtained his firearm illegally, delusions die hard; it’s still antis’ ammo for stricter gun laws.

This is the first image that comes up in my Google image search for “gun”:

“The guns are out of control and we do need to bring sanity back.” Sure, blame the guns. And who better to call for sanity than a NY politician? (the paper that published the names and addresses of NY pistol permit holders)

“It’s about living in a world that’s safe.” New York attorney sues Connecticut for $100m on behalf of Newtown student who heard the carnage over the loudspeaker. An Economist reader?

NOTE: Kenyan police don’t use the words “suspect” when referring to escaped carjackers.  (1:24 above)

You know all those AR-15 “gun crimes” in California? It’s all Nevada’s fault. 

My other always told me to clean my plate.

Zero sum game? Or some like it not . . .

Some [gun owners] have changed positions altogether, calling for an assault weapons ban and more extensive background checks. Others have been moved to speak out against a gun-rights movement unwilling to accept any form of control as illustrated by National Rifle Association head Wayne LaPierre’s Dec. 21 response to the shooting, in which he called for armed guards in schools and blamed mass killings on Hollywood and video game makers . . . Dozens of gun owners interviewed by The [Connecticut] News-Times expressed similar sentiments.

Major caveats? I’m waiting for general agreement. “A record-high 74 percent oppose preventing anyone but the police or other authorized officials from owning a handgun.”

Michael Moore Tweets “Leave Piers alone!” Only if he agrees to do the same to the U.S. Constitution. See: above.