TTAG Daily Digest: Ban the Second Amendment?


Every day, readers email The Truth About Guns links to articles for possible blog posts. While I appreciate the links and welcome the editorial submissions, I’ve got to say Uncle. I’ve got 724 messages in my in-box. I can no longer answer every email and Dan and I can’t blog fast enough to keep up. So I’m starting this Instapundit-like feature to provide pre-screened linkage to the best of the gun stories we can’t blog. (Send links to: Make the jump for today’s Daily Digest. Readers remarks in quotes. As always, thank you for your patience, patronage and passion . . . claims to tell THE TRUTH ABOUT GUNS IN AMERICA: If We Want To Be Safer, We Need To Change The Constitution. Good luck with that. Not. At all. Ever.

“The libs look the other way while a major internet retailer sells crack pipes by the 36 count.” Amazon sells crack pipes but 30-round mags are evil. Go figure.

“Yes, there are some dumb statements, some complete FUD, however our side gets in some solid hits.” Almost civil debate on Sandy Hook and Gun Control, at no less.

“Tucson Councilman Kozachik, along with his new best friend, Karen Uhlich, are calling for repeal of ARS 13-3108, the firearms preemptions statute. It seems Kozachik would like to regulate firearms without regard to Arizona’s Constitution and state law.”

I don’t think so. Bloomberg: No One Has ‘Defended the Second Amendment as Much as I Have’

Boys will be killers. A known enemy of the men’s movement asks Masculinity, mental illness and guns: A lethal equation? at

A reader reports that the Pennsylvania LTCF Processing System crashed yesterday. No link and no surprise there.

“It’s also mildly amusing/disturbing how closely all the nerdy, medicated, spree-killing geeks resemble the progressive pundits who are caterwauling for unilateral disarmament of the citizenry.” A list of spree killers and their meds at

And here it is: the NRA’s National School Shield. No details yet. Like any other bureaucratic boondoggle I expect this program to get bogged down big time. I hope I’m wrong.

Is that what you call it? Billboard Pays Tribute To School Shooting Victims @ John Rosenthal, the man paying for the anti-gun agit prop, is the same gun grabber I debated at my local Fox affiliate. I forgot to ask the self-professed gun owner if he has an LTC.

“With all the sturm und drang about Wayne LaPierre’s suggestion that we should put cops in schools, where’s the anti-gunner outrage over Barbara Boxer’s proposal to put National Guard troops in schools?”

Here’s something that gives a little hope. I certainly don’t agree with everything G. North has done but there is no argument he is one insightful dude.” Why the Gun Control Movement is Doomed @