The History, Philosophy and Ethics of Gun Control

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Robert Farago is the Publisher of The Truth About Guns (TTAG). He started the site to explore the ethics, morality, business, politics, culture, technology, practice, strategy, dangers and fun of guns.

14 Responses to The History, Philosophy and Ethics of Gun Control

  1. avatarLance says:

    No gun grabber have no logic ethics or sense. They just want Government to be all powerful in there twisted minds.

  2. avatarBob says:

    Here are the research sources of the video (as posted in the vid’s description).

    • avatarsancahnim says:

      Thanks Bob…
      This is actually really good. He calls it like it is.. If you are in an urban area, and a young black man you are in trouble. He also touches base on the war on drugs, broken marriages, etc. It isn’t all rosey, but really the whole idea that banning guns will be the magic pill is BS, and he knows that too.

  3. avatarNelson says:

    Wow, Farago just posted Molyneux!

    my my… now we’re on to something. Loving TTAG even more.

    • avatarJohn Fritz says:

      Stefan is one of my heroes. I’ve listened to just about every single podcast on the Freedomain Radio site.

  4. avatarAharon says:

    This gun sculpture in front of the UN is telling how gun control is better described as people control. What do I mean? The gun sculpture chosen by the UN is a double-action revolver owned and used almost exclusively by civilians for self-defense. The chosen sculpture was not even a military issue semi-automatic handgun. The sculpture is not one of an actual military weapon such as the AK and AR platforms which governments approve for sale and ship to other governments to wage war against yet other countries or a civilian population. The UN is more about civilian population control and bringing forth the NWO.

    • avatarIn Memphis says:

      Very good observation.

      The range I shoot at has a picture of this sculpture next to a “UN Not Welcome Here” sign. I never saw it that way but it makes sense.

    • avatarmike marriam says:

      I don’t believe this: you just took the words out of my mouth. Its all about people control. If we both had this idea hopefully it will be one that comes to influence the narrative in an important way going forward.

      • avatarlolinski says:

        I would like to one day find that statue and chop of the bent part, now I wonder is it concrete or metal?

  5. Another highlight of this video is the comments section on YouTube – in particular he has a history of responding to detractors who try to cite other evidence. And not in an absolute way – he points out that various studies from equally credible sources (e.g. Harvard vs. Harvard vs. Yale) read data differently and how he approached his position.

    I also especially like how he really REALLY hammers home the point that people are different. American culture wouldn’t work elsewhere anymore than Japanese culture works here. It was well worth the ~twenty seven minutes.

  6. avatarSkyler says:

    Am I the only one who looks at that sculpture and wonders how long that barrel was supposed to be?

  7. avatarIn Memphis says:

    Haha at 14:40!

    “… only the government which is of course so reliable, honest, morel, and virtuous and forward thinking and all that…”

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