Self-Defense Tip: Make Your Safe Room Safer


Congressman Larry McDonald was one of the last great anti-Communists (as well as one of the last ever conservative Democrats). McDonald saw Reds under the bed long after President Nixon sent ping-pong players to China. The Georgia pol was murdered by the Russians—accidentally on purpose—when his flight to Korea strayed into Russian airspace. As a missile climbed up the ass of the KAL 747, I wonder if his last words were “Now who’s paranoid?” It’s the same question I ask myself when I contemplate plates for my safe room wall. I mean, if you are under the gun, why wouldn’t you want to shelter behind walls that can withstand rounds fired by the bad guys? says they “build for life.” Geddit? If you do, I’m not going to judge you. Oh, and the company uses Waco Composite’s materials. Since 1986, seven years before the siege. What does that tell you?