President Obama Calls for Assault Weapons and High Cap Mag Bans, Background Checks for Private Sales


At a press conference this afternoon, President Obama called for an assault weapons ban (AWB), limits on ammunition magazine capacity and background checks for all private firearms sales. He urged Congress to “hold votes on these measures next year.” “I believe that the Second Amendment guarantees a right to an individual right to bear arms,” the President assured Americans. But, he insisted, the majority of law-abiding gun owners agree that it’s a good idea to remove the public’s access to “weapons of war.” The President assured Americans that the new, VP-led task force’s “concrete proposals” won’t be long in coming or languish. Once again, the President vowed to use “all the powers of his office” to implement the findings, which will [no doubt] include an AWB, mag cap bans and federal intrusion into firearms sales between individuals.