Passively Constructed Negligent Discharge Story of the Day: Killer Airguns Edition

 I recently ran a Question of the Day on airguns. The general consensus: these are not the Red Ryder rifles you’re looking for. To wit: “An Orange Park man struck by a pellet fired from a pellet rifle has died,” reports. “Charles Howey, 22, of Orange Park [above right] was injured Thursday in an incident that police said happened when two friends were playing with the rifle when it went off. Howey underwent emergency surgery when the pellet lodged in his heart and was listed in critical condition Thursday. But the Sheriff’s Office said Saturday that Howey ‘was taken off life support under the authorization of his parents and medical professionals.'” Once again, a member of the mainstream media refuses to write that someone shot someone, removing the critical element of personal responsibility from firearms safety. It may be the kinder approach, but it does the public no good. And, I might add, some bad.