NRA: Where Was Their Security?

Whether or not NRA Executive Veep Wayne LaPierre should have responded to the protestors interrupting the NRA press conference, one wonders how not one but TWO intruders managed to get in front of the cameras. What if there’d been an assassin?


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72 Responses to NRA: Where Was Their Security?

  1. avatarAlphaGeek says:

    Yeah, but then he’d be pilloried for infringing on their First Amendment rights, which apparently includes the right to be an asshole during an internationally-televised press conference.

  2. I am sure they had security. After all… the guy was escorted out.

    I don’t think a napkin in someones pants would have raised any alarm.

  3. avatarSammy says:

    Hey, Were gunners. We are not granted rights. Wayne, like him or not, had his A1 rights negated by the lunatic fringe. Things I fear are going to get out of hand in short order.

    • avatarWSBS says:

      Unless either of those asshole protesters are agents of the federal or State government, LaPierre really can’t bitch about any 1A freedoms being infringed.

  4. avatarDrewN says:

    I’m not sure LaPierre would be much of a loss. He has the charisma and presence of a houseplant. Like him or not, Obama is a freaking rock star. We pro gunners need our own “rock star”, not a guy who comes across as a mid level public servant from Dogpatch.

    • avatarAlphaGeek says:

      Agreed. But please, NOT Ted Nugent. That guy is toxic waste from a PR perspective.

      Perhaps even LaPierre wouldn’t even need to be replaced — there’s this whole thing called “hiring a professional press spokesperson”. The NRA might give it some thought.

      • avatarbontai Joe says:

        I agree, but another Charlton Heston is gonna be hard to find.

        • avatarIn Memphis says:

          What about Brad Pitt? Isnt he Pro-2A? Im sure many teenie boppers would call him the Charlton Heston of today. Id beg to differ but the guy is in pretty much everything now and everyone knows who he is.

          Not to mention he has a busload of kids so if anyone he can prove guns are safe and make people listen it would be him.

          *sarcasm off*

        • avatarAlphaGeek says:

          Actually, as I just suggested in another thread: Samuel L. Jackson.

          Non-white, cultural icon, great speaking skills, and he’s got swagger to spare.

        • avatarAharon says:

          What about Ralph?

        • avatarAlphaGeek says:

          Ralph is cool. He’s just not Sam Jackson cool. NOBODY is Sam Jackson cool, except for Sam Jackson.

        • avatarSanchanim says:

          Let’s see…
          Clint Eastwood
          Ice T
          He can speak well, and a little fine tuning he would certainly add diversity.
          Dog the Bounty Hunter?
          Yeah ok ex fellon I know but he has strong moral values, and certainly he has star power. Plus his wife is hot!!! lol
          Maybe Etzi Ginzberg?

          How could you ever be mad at that???

        • avatarLance says:

          Too bad most BIG actors are anti freedom liberals. Need a Eastwood like actor but younger.

        • avatarSocko says:

          How about Son of Sam……..nice reformed Christian boy?

        • avatarTed says:

          How about soon to be former U.S. Rep. Allen B. West?

        • Ted, West would be a fitting spokesman for the NRA. Didn’t he get kicked out of the Army for torturing an Iraqi police officer?

        • avatarAlan Rose says:

          I could think of a few fine celebrity and non celebrity types for the job of “celebrity spokesperson” who might do us proud.

          Tom Selleck
          Ashton Kutcher
          Bruce Willis
          Nicki Goeser
          Kim Rhode
          Demi Moore
          Miranda Lambert
          Joe Montegna

  5. avatarBiofire says:

    No problem. LaPierre is probably carrying. Now THAT would be headline:
    “NRA President Shoots Protester At Anti-Violence Press Conference”.

  6. avatar.9mm says:

    A part of me thinks these ‘protesters’ were staged for the media to get the shots they want to run with.

    • avatarready,fire,aim says:

      agreed… was it me or did the camera pan out to the crowd 1-2 seconds before the female protestor stood up??? …perfect timing??? staged …by the drive-by media.. i think it was thats how they play

    • avatarSek says:

      Exactly. These CodePinkos were undoubtedly given press credentials by their handlers in the media, present at the event. Wouldn’t be the first time.

  7. avatargloomhound says:

    Poor staging rather than poor security in my opinion.

  8. avatarDaniel says:

    If LaPierre had been assaulted, it would have simply further shown what fringe lunatics those haters in the audience are. Certainly wouldn’t have hurt the organization’s image any.

  9. avatarIn Memphis says:

    And if a simmilar thing happened while Obummer was making a speach?

    It just wouldnt.

    • avatarLow Budget Dave says:

      You mean like a United States Representative shouting out “you lie” during Obama’s speech to a joint session of Congress?

      You mean like hanging a big sign in front of the camera during a campaign speech in Cincinnati, and shouting about abortion for 15 minutes until security guards finally remove you?

      Yeah, that sort of thing never happens to Obama.

      • avatarIn Memphis says:

        Ha, I must have missed thoes. I dont follow a lot of his speaches because I already know hes worthless and that I wasnt going to vote for him.

        When I do catch something its usually just a written article and havnt heard of thoes incidents.


        • avatarcalvin200 says:

          Learning is good. There is hope for you yet.

        • avatarshle896 says:

          In all fairness, if you are a Fox “News” watcher, you probably didn’t hear about these many incidents because the “fair & balanced” cable news network pretended they never happened.

  10. avatarMT says:

    Tom Sellik is major support of 2A, and would be an excellent spokesperson..

  11. There were guns in the room! They were not needed as there was no lethal threat. If they had been needed I know you would have seen some. I think he handled it great. He never even acknowledged them which made them look small. If he would have said anything to or about them he would have only empowered them more.

    • avatarAlan Rose says:

      I was thinking he should have announced that he agreed with them when they called for “saving the children” or whatever it was, thereby negating them, then expounding back to point.

  12. avatarTaurus609 says:

    I need help here. One of my anti-gun friends (and no I’m not unfriending him) has posted that at the NRA news conference, “no guns were allowed” and thought it was hypocritical of the NRA to say we need teachers armed, but no guns were allowed at their news conference. Is this true?

    • avatarMattK1 says:

      See post #11

    • avatarmountocean says:

      NRA called for armed trained security in our schools, they did not say it had to be teachers. If there were no guns allowed in the conference it was adequate security was outside (and inside) the whole time.

    • avatarRandy Drescher says:

      More guns are not needed for protection where there are lots already. I walk into a police station unarmed with complete confidence, Randy

      • avatarTaurus609 says:

        I’ve basically responded in that vane, and that possibly the venue had a no guns policy, kind of like the venues for the last two NRA conventions. And that hey look, armed security present…and no one was shoot, imagine that!

    • avatarBobbicus says:

      I suppose there were no guns allowed, seeing as it took place in a hotel in downtown DC, where noone but police are permitted to carry.

    • avatarMike in NC says:

      I thought that NRA statement was made at a hotel inside DC, which still lacks concealed carry. If it was in fact in DC, then your friend was right, just not for any of the reasons they might have considered.

  13. avatarJH says:

    It is a shame Wayne wasted an opportunity to praise free speech by the protester and suggest that we have the 2nd amendment to protect the 1st.

  14. avatarMike in NC says:

    It was reported elsewhere that the second sign-wielding protestor was the founder of Code Pink, Medea Benjamin. Given all the past interaction and even collaboration between Code Pink and major media, how likely is it that NO ONE in the press pool recognized her before she acted?

    • avatarAlphaGeek says:

      Zero chance that she was there without being recognized. You know darn well all the camera guys were keeping a beady eye on her for even the slightest hint that she was going to do something interesting.

  15. avatarLow Budget Dave says:

    So the NRA’s plan is for as many people as possible to buy as many guns as possible. Then, when “monsters” attack our schools, someone might be able to return fire.

    So basically, they want to turn America into a police state in order to keep us safe.

    If Obama had come up with an idea that dumb, the GOP would have hated it. Oh, wait, he did. And they did.

    • avatarRandy Drescher says:

      Or, we can put up more signs, take the best self defense weapon to protect families there is because a deranged lunatic might get it. Oh yeah, thats a plan. You are confusing “big brother” with average citizens/security guards protecting kids. Randy

    • avatarWSBS says:


      WTF are you talking about?

      • avatarAlphaGeek says:

        Leave him alone, he’s off in fantasy land again. It’s not kind to wake someone suddenly when they’re gripped by such nightmarish fantasies.

    • avatarWLCE says:

      citizens being armed is the antithesis of a police state.

    • avatarBob says:

      Where did he say that, exactly. See? He didn’t. So if some of the staff at the school had concealed handguns, what do you think the final death toll would have been?

  16. avatarMatt says:

    Ill be honest, I halfway expected to see an assassination attempt during that press conference.

  17. avatarBlake says:

    Anyone else notice the irony that an anti-gun person thought it was safe to protest against a spokesman for the NRA at an NRA press conference?

  18. avatarready,fire,aim says:

    was it me or did the camera pan out to the crowd 1-2 seconds before the female protestor stood up??? …perfect timing??? staged …by the drive-by media.. i think it was thats how they play

    • avatarAlphaGeek says:

      Not staged — she is a well known media personality, and if she shows up to an NRA conference then something interesting is likely to happen. Wouldn’t be surprised if the major outlets had their backup cameras aimed in her direction the whole time, just in case.

  19. avatarAvid Reader says:

    What are the odds the protesters skated in on press credentials?

    Just sayin’.

  20. avatarHonor the Victims says:

    Hey gun nuts, think about this. If guns are so awesome, why did the coward have everyone wanded – no guns allowed. What a hypocritical POS. He’s not speaking for hunters, he’s speaking for gun manufacturers and their lust for $$$ at any cost. If you guys are all on the up and up, you wouldn’t mind registering your weapons. If 20 dead 6 year olds at one event is a price you’re willing to pay to play Rambo, you’re a sick individual. No. Armed teachers is not the answer. How many of you were all aboard the teachers are leeches bandwagon 8 days ago? It’s unfortunate so many of you are dealing with masculinity issues.

    • avatarready,fire,aim says:

      go back to your kitchen and bake some cookies….

    • avatarMatt in FL says:

      Hey, Dances In Blood… oops, I’m sorry, I meant Honor the Victims:

      “If guns are so awesome, why did the coward have everyone wanded – no guns allowed.”

      If people were wanded coming into that press conference, here’s why… Because despite his possible (likely, even) own desires to carry a concealed weapon, LaPierre understood that he was in Washington, D.C. where concealed carry is disallowed, so he wasn’t carrying. He was obeying the law. On the other hand, if someone had made up their mind to do him harm, then they were already planning on breaking a really big law (y’know, murder…), so breaking a tiny one like “you can’t conceal a gun here” would not even register on their radar.

      That’s the thing you people don’t get. Criminals don’t care about laws. If someone (Adam Lanza/angry person) makes up their mind to kill someone (like a bunch of kids at an elementary school/Wayne LaPierre), the only way a “gun free zone” sign is gonna stop him is if you buy a thousand of them and use them to build a friggin’ wall!

  21. avatarDarkstar says:

    Dear Honor,

    Thanks for the rant. I think that if you had organized your thoughts, presented them in a clear, concise manner, and didn’t resort to making dick remarks, you would find that most people on this site will listen to your opinions and engage in polite, adult discourse. But you either couldn’t or didn’t want to. What did you hope to accomplish by your ramblings? Nice try. Have a nice day.

    • avatarspeedracer5050 says:

      Hey Honor,
      Change your screen name. The way you present yourself here just shows you have no honor, no respect, and especially no clue!!
      While your at it go change your diaper, I think you have soiled yourself!!

  22. avatarLance says:

    Well speaking from security officer prospective with so many nut cases from Brady to PETA protesting a few might get there but security took them down with no problem out of a 20 second disruption.

    Over shows liberals have no facts for there claim just filibuster emotional dribble and no logic.

    • avatarDavid says:

      The correct word is “drivel” not “dribble” unless you are talking about a basketball or a liquid running down your chin. I wouldn’t have mentioned it but Sanchanim used the same word in another post today. Have a nice day!

  23. avatarGlenn Billings says:

    Is Wayne suggesting what I think he is suggesting? Police at every school. Good intention, but is it going to result in a security force like the TSA at every school doing body searches (aka molestations) on the kids and the teachers? I don’t think this is the best thing. Where is the better suggestion to let the adults who work there with gun licenses and training be their security and allow them to exercise their inalienable right to self-protection?

    • avatarspeedracer5050 says:

      @ Glenn Billings
      I think that, like many of us here have already volunteered to do, a security force of volunteer veterans and retired/ off duty LEO’s would be the way to go.
      No TSA type crap. The teachers and school staff know their kids and personnel. Working along side of them we would get to know the kids, the staff and the parents. New staff or new kids?? Get them introduced to the security people, let them meet face to face.
      Every semester have a meeting of staff, parents and security personnel to discuss anything that might need fixed, get the security people and the parents together. Introduce, get to know, be a part of the school and the community!
      Won’t happen overnight but one step in the right direction will lead to other and more frequent steps in the right direction!
      It is not the responsibility of the Fed or state government or the BATFE or any government agency to protect the individual schools and students, it is our responsibility, and on the same note it is the responsibility of the government to remove the gun free zones and allow us to protect our own, in Any place we are legally allowed to be.
      School, the mall, church, any place. A parent, or a security person armed in the mall or school could have, and in the mall case did stop the slaughter of innocents. 2 people dying at the hands of a nutcase is 2 too many. But had a CHCL holder been in the school, and armed, I feel that a few more lives would have been saved. As the law stands now we cannot legally protect our own or others incapable of protecting themselves in many places we all have the legal right to be.

      • avatarTed says:

        My take from it was he wants cops in the schools in the interim after the Christmas/New Year break, while they get their ” School Shield” program up and running.

    • avatarAlan Rose says:

      What I heard was when he said “involve parents.” I think a security plan that involves armed parents is the way to go. The general pulic doesn’t have much occasion to venture into the school system, but parents are highly invested.

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