Just Another Chicago Sun-Times Anti-Gun Editorial


When airport police busted Illinois state Sen. Donne E. Trotte for attempting to board a plane with a .25-caliber Beretta, the People of the Gun cried foul. How could a Chicago Democrat—a member of a state legislature that’s denied its law-abiding citizens their Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms—carry a pistol? Hypocrite! Not to mention the whole “what an idiot” thing. TTAG saw it differently. Needless to say, so did gun control advocates. After warming-up with a big ass bout of self-righteous indignation, Laura Washington at the Chicago Sun-Times reveals her anti-gun bias with all the subtlety of Batel Biton in a bikini. “Thankfully, Illinois remains the only state in the nation that does not allow people to carry concealed guns . . .

As Ellen Foley famously instructed Meatloaf  STOP RIGHT THERE! I find it incredible (although not inconceivable) that anyone in their right mind could consider Illinois’ concealed carry exceptionalism anything other than a reflection of deep-seated corruption and institutional racism. Forty-nine of these United States are wrong and Illinois is right? How does that work?

The city’s neighborhoods are gripped by a level of gun-fueled violence that outstrips the carnage in Afghanistan.

Too many view guns as playthings, status symbols and ego boosters.

Yes to A, no to B. Well, that depends on what Ms. Washington considers “too many.” IMHO too many journalists use the phrase “too many” too many times to avoid providing facts, evidence or supporting data. If just one journalist can stop using the expression it would be worth forcing them to register with the government.

I jest. And digress. But while I’m at it, I don’t think Chicago’s gang bangers view guns as “playthings.” They probably view firearms as a deadly serious tool of the trade. Today’s quote of the day indicates that many otherwise law-abiding Chicago citizens also consider guns a serious business; risking imprisonment for armed self-protection.

Anyway, here’s the money shot:

I am a certified wimp when it comes to guns. They terrify me. The fact that powerful people can be so cavalier about them terrifies me even more.

Can you say “hoplophobia“? Not the best place from which a Sun-Times editorial writer should be writing about gun rights, or the lack thereof. One wonders how many of her fellow scribes share this affliction and its effect on the gun rights debate in the Land of Lincoln. Or not.

Few seemed to know that Trotter worked security or was licensed to carry. That’s the trouble with the idea of concealed carry. We don’t know who has a gun, who is “qualified” to have one, or who has the judgment to keep them out of harm’s way.

On Thursday Trotter was charged with a felony and released on a $25,000 bond. Predictably, his fellow elected officials have been noncommittal. He’s innocent until proven guilty, we’ll see how it goes, blah, blah, blah.

Some of them are probably carrying, too.

The National Rifle Association will probably sign him up for an honorary membership. They want us all packing, all the time.

Yes. Yes they do. But only if you want to carry a gun. Because, you know, you have a right to. Just thought I’d point that out.