James Yeager Is Insane

Those of you who recall James Yeager’s invitation to his YouTube detractors to come over to his place for a battle to the death know that the Tactical Response gun guru is about as mentally stable as Mai Barnea is unattractive. I’m not saying Yeager doesn’t know his onions. I’m saying he’s one vegetable short of a stew. Maybe music’s a better analogy. Dressing up as Santa with a machine gun for a video greeting card in these post-Sandy Hook slaughter times, when gun grabbers are looking for evidence that gun owners are gun nuts, when our rights are in the gun control industry’s cross-hairs like never before, is about as tone-deaf as you can get. First amendment, of course. And I make no apology for posting the Yeagermeister here; if we don’t police the People of the Gun (e.g., IGOTD) who will? But seriously Jimmy. Try again.