Incendiary Image of the Day: Gun Stores Slammed Edition


TTAG’s Martin Albright wrote the following comment underneath his piece on the possibility of an assault weapons ban: “I wonder when the anti-gunners will realize that every time they demand a gun ban, it sells guns. And the more guns you put in people’s hands, the more difficult it will be to enforce any future laws (it’s a lot easier to make a law prohibiting something people don’t own than it is to confiscate something that they do own).” True to form, as we indicated this weekend, America’s gun stores are slammed. Hundreds of thousands of consumers are voting against an AWB with their wallets. “It’s 2008 all over again,” a customer at my LGS said, referring to the pre-Obama sales surge. “No it’s not,” the owner said. “It’s worse.” As Martin might ask, don’t you mean better?