Huffington Post: Get Rid of the Second Amendment

“All of us take it for granted that the Second Amendment says something important about gun ‘rights’ and all of us know that the Second Amendment isn’t about to be changed,” George Kenny writes at “Or is it? Even though in the face of deranged men with assault rifles we have allowed constitutional law arguments to eclipse our common sense, our learned helplessness is by no means absolute. Americans are capable of saying ‘No, gun control is a political issue that must be fixed.’  If that means getting rid of the Second Amendment, so be it . . .

For those who feel this may be too much to ask an interim step could be to Amend Article Five, thus making further Amendments to the Constitution an easier, more straightforward and more democratic process. But unless and until we get rid of the Second Amendment no gun control law can escape remorseless, caustic litigation. Mass murder will remain a perpetual threat. And we will remain mired in helplessness.

Well he got that exactly backwards. And now, time to wave the bloody shirt.

Indeed, we defer far too many questions to constitutional law when we should be asking, at every opportunity, what kind of society do we want to live in? Where is the moral justice in what we do? How can we live fulfilling political lives without being in thrall to the dead hand of the past?

If the children of Sandy Hook could ask “Why?” they would not be wondering about the so-called “Bill of Rights.”

Wow. You gotta admit it: what with a new assault weapons ban in the works and gun control advocates willing to throw our basic freedoms into the pyre, these are some scary ass times for gun owners and gun rights advocates.

Then again, maybe it’s a good thing. Kinda. In disguise . . .

David Cordrea once asked me “How do we motivate gun owners to fight for their rights?” This. As the Brits are wont to say, there’s all to play for. To which the Talking Heads might add, same as it ever was.