Gun Tweet of the Day: Well Exactly Edition

MM’s right: what kind of country makes it illegal to sell lawn darts? Well, not illegal to sell. Just illegal to import. But you know what he means, right?


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47 Responses to Gun Tweet of the Day: Well Exactly Edition

  1. avatarEnsitu says:

    You’ve never read Atlas Shrugged?
    As for that AR; I tear it apart and make a practical MSR out of it

  2. avatarmatt says:

    Illegal to sell in to the US? No. Illegal to own, no.

    Jarts 2012 Tournament results:

    Jarts for sale

    • avatarmatt says:

      They were also banned due to their risk to young children, not humans. And while we’re all riding the banwagon, lets ban baseball and football, do you know how many children are injured or killed every year playing those games?

      • avatarJOE MATAFOME says:

        I think most children are human, but I’m not sure about a few of them lil buggers. I think they should ban steak knives next, so some poor little kid doesn’t lose a pinky while cutting into their prime rib.

  3. avatarSanchanim says:

    OMG lol
    Yup oh well..
    Mr Moore is hopefully going to see the light, maybe, eventually..
    Hey does he have a CCW or armed guards???

    • avatarJoke & Dagger says:

      Grade A HYPOCRITE! Dudes worth $50 Million and travels with armed guards and eats enough to feed a medium size African village.

  4. avatarRoss says:

    Hey Mike that a mighty fine look AR, know where I can get one just like it?

  5. avatarJames says:

    MM is a slob….

  6. avatarSD3 says:

    A sane person would use the firstt to highlight the absurdity of the second. Naturally, Jabba the Moron argues the reverse.

  7. avatarblinkypete says:

    That AR would be illegal to import as well.

  8. avatarAccur81 says:

    Played some with the real deal, old school, steel tipped “jarts” back in the day. Actually my brother and law and I threw them back and forth at each other (unless that’s patently illegal, in which case I’m only being facetious. I believe such activity was legal at the time). And yet here I am, not quite dead. I think I’ll take a walk…

  9. avatarBrother Bear says:

    They also banned those little roll around seat/tray things that I spent most of my infantile childhood cruising around in.

    Why? Cause “kids fall down stairs” in them. Or.. “cause kids can tip over against a woodstove and can’t get away” when in them.

    Where are the parents? Who leaves a kid unattended at the top of a staircase anyway?!!!

    If we just banned enough stuff, then we could all live forever!! And never be hurt, and never accidentally consume more calories than we intended and nobody would be sick ever!!! Yeah!!!!

    • avatarDaveL says:

      Why? Cause “kids fall down stairs” in them.

      I did. Twice, if I recall correctly. That might have been one of the least dangerous things I’ve done in my childhood while my parents weren’t looking.

  10. avatarIn Memphis says:

    What stock is that in the AR and is it any good? I kind of like it.

  11. avatarSCS says:

    Hey Mikey, STFU you fat Douchebag.

  12. avatarphillium says:

    Ergo’s version of an old magpul design. They bought the rights to repro them. Very heavy but cool. Receiver extension/buffer tube is built into the top part and provides a consistent cheek weld.

  13. avatarLemming says:

    Apparently you can import spare parts for your Jarts. So you can order bodies, you can order points. It’s unclear if joining spare part bodies to spare part points is a 922(r) violation.

  14. avatarLance says:

    He is only uglier than stupid you can buy lawn darts still. A AR-15 is also bit more expensive. Some one make a petition to have Micheal Moore sent to GitMO!!!!

  15. avatarMOG says:

    Ban eating utensils, be careful, keep your fingers away from your eyes. Ban food, darn stuff makes you fat. Ban cars, they kill, bad drivers don’t. Legalize drugs they make you mellow. Ban big soft drinks, and super sized MacDs. Make cows wear cowalatic converters, horses, diapers, no nail files over 4 inches. There a lot of laws, but laws do not protect you, a crime is only a crime after it has been committed. Then the law comes and runs the crime scene tape, and draws an outline around your body. Firearms are not for offense in a civilian scenario, they are for defense, till the law gets there, like, next Tuesday. M. Moore has never been in a situation, and most likely, most of us have not either. The difference is, in my opinion, M. Moore would roll belly up, where as most of us would rather fight to defend ourselves, and others.
    I can, and have, used edged weapons, in a different world, long ago. In my house, on my terms, my knife trumps a gun. But, I have a pistol, 7 rounds, and an extra mag. too.

    • avatarlolinski says:

      There is someone who once said:

      “You know, the world isn’t run by the laws written on paper. It’s run by people. Some according to laws, others not”

      That quote is from the videogame Mafia:City of Lost Heaven, even though it is from something as “frivolous” as a videogame it is still true.

  16. avatarjwm says:

    Well, mikey, the rifle is protected by the constitution. Along with your rights to be a braying ass in public. See how that works. As for the lawn darts. Meh. Who gives a fvck.

  17. avatarJames says:

    I wonder what a State sponsored buy back on lawn darts would yield?

  18. I miss lawn darts. My kids would LOVE lawn darts…

  19. avatarspeedracer5050 says:

    Wonder if I could stick my size 11 1/2 steel toes boot so far up his ass he could see it with the backside of his ignorant eyeballs??
    I have 2 or 3 old pairs of steel toes I would be willing to sacrifice for practice and completion on him!!!

  20. avatarMr. Lighter says:

    30 seconds of googling found me a reasonably priced set of lawn darts. I’ve checked every local gun shop and I cannot for the life of me find an AR in anything other than .22LR. I’m finally at an economic point where I could have afforded one, and then Feinstein just had to start talking about an AWB…

  21. avatardan says:

    More kids are killed by falling TVs than by guns. I think they should be registered and be equipped with power button locks…for the children, people!

  22. avatarGS650G says:

    Which one of those items could save your life? That’s a better question. I also don’t think lawn darts would do much to dissuade government tyranny. Mike picked two unrelated objects to try and make a point but that’s OK since his fan club doesn’t care. Nor do they notice he used “cause” instead of “because” in the sentence. I’m thinking he doesn’t know any better.

  23. avatarJames says:

    Moore is right, America is not the land of the free everyone says it is.

  24. avatarRalph says:

    I would buy a set of lawn darts, but I don’t have a lawn. Does anyone know where I can find a set of carpet darts?

  25. avatarJ- says:

    Can you guess which one of these you have a constitutional right to possess?

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