Gun Tweet of the Day: Motley Crue Edition

In the aftermath of the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, emotions are running high. As a gun blogger (with 15 tabs open) I can report that the majority of the pro gun control advocates remain reasonably respectful towards Americans who cherish their Constitutionally-protected right to keep and arms. In other words, the pro gun control crowd are powering down the highway to hell from a well-meaning if deeply delusional point-of-view. The worst of these, however, are hypocrites. Politicians who live in gated communities with armed security guards for themselves and, in many cases, their children. And then there are people like Neil: cosseted celebrities with no moral compass or factual grasp of political issues who feel free to assault the public with their holier-than-thou anti-gun opinions. Perhaps Neil is right: we shouldn’t subsidize the work that gives them the platform from which they preach. Oh, and one of our commentators remembers that Mr. Neil once received an AK-47 as a gift. Gratefully.