“Go home, lock your doors and load your gun”


“Comments by San Bernardino City Attorney James Penman that residents should ‘load their guns’ due to police cutbacks during bankruptcy has set off a debate over whether he’s stirring up fears or telling the grim truth.” Over at pe.com, Penman blamed his critics’ ignorance for the controversy. “I can understand how people who don’t live or work in the City of San Bernardino and don’t hear the sirens every night, the gun shots, the helicopters overhead, as many San Bernardino residents do, might not understand the significance when you have people being killed in their homes.” Sounds like an easy-to-understand concept to me. “We have to start encouraging people to protect themselves. The situation is that bad in San Bernardino.” So bad people have to defend themselves by themselves for themselves? Wow. And now, the walk back . . .

Penman said the audience he was speaking to was mostly seniors including some veterans. He said he wouldn’t give the same advice to households with children. In those homes, he advises residents to keep guns and ammunitions locked away separately and for parents to put trigger locks on their guns.

He also said anyone who buys firearms should make sure to get proper training through courses such as those offered by the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department.

Still, we so called this one. As police departments fall victim to budget cuts caused by outsized public sector salaries, Cadillac health care plans and absurdly generous pensions, the public is finally beginning to realize what was true all along: they are their own first responders.

Welcome to our world.