Deer Hunting Demographics: Bucking the Trend

JR writes:

In the every changing world of firearms owners, and hunters, much has been said of late concerning demographics of the sport. Those opposed to our gun rights would have you believe that only OFWG’s (Old Fat White Guys) are roaming around the woods looking for a taste of Bambi. A recent release of mind-numbing statistics from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources shows us that this might not be the case. But still mostly. Kind of. In ye olde Wisconsin, this gun season saw . . .

  • Females represent 9.5%of total gun hunters.
  • 78,604 (or 13%) were youth (under age of 18).
  • 10/11 year old mentored gun deer licenses (13,050) are up 10%.
  • 9,001, or 35% of first-time buyers were youth (17 and under).

So while Obama may be capturing the majority of the national youth vote, up in Wonderful Wisconsin, the youth are still hitting the woods in number.

Eat your heart out Brady Campaign.