CT: 50% Ammo Tax, No Internet Ammo Sales, Mag Cap Limits, New AWB Ban

Connecticut has some of the most restrictive firearms laws in the United States. None of them stopped Adam Lanza from carrying out his heinous crime. That simple fact hasn’t so much as slowed the gun control industry’s relentless campaign to restrict law-abiding Americans’ Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. In the aftermath of the slaughter, Nutmeg State legislators have wasted no time falling in line with the antis’ agenda. “Less than a week after the atrocity at Sandy Hook, a detailed and extensive package of proposed changes in gun laws has already been announced at the State Capitol,” wtnh.com reports . . .

The proposal would immediately expand the definition of Assault Weapon under current state law to apply to firearms which show one particular physical trait, as opposed to two, like the presence of a pistol grip beneath the action of the weapon.

And despite the fact that there are perhaps thousands of legal handguns in the state with a greater than 10 cartridge magazine capacity, this proposal would prohibit the sale and possession of any magazine with a capacity of over 10.

The proposal would also call for a 50 percent sales tax on all ammunition, permits would be required to purchase ammunition, and the online purchase of ammunition would be prohibited.

My constituents have been screaming to do something…now.” [the proposals’ author State Senator Beth] Bye said.

When the mob howls, politicians listen. Thankfully, the framers of the Constitution had that one sussed. Still, look for these measures to sail through; a template for federal action. [h/t Patrick Devine]