CNN’s Piers Morgan: Ban and Confiscate Assault Weapons

After calling Gun Owners of America President Larry Pratt an “unbelievably stupid man,” CNN chat show host and British expat Piers Morgan is under the gun (symbolically speaking). A Texan viewer created a petition on the White House website demanding Piers’ deportation for undermining the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. As of this writing, the petition has garnered 95,015 signatures. Morgan launched a major counter-attack over the weekend, Tweeting a threat to throw himself into the briar patch. I mean, deport himself. Meanwhile, he’s doing what he can to antagonize his detractors. Check out this Morgan meisterwerk penned for Blighty’s . . .

President Obama seems to agree it’s time for action. After four years of doing precisely nothing about  gun control in America, he finally snapped after Sandy Hook and said he’s keen to pursue a ban on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. And he wants a closure of the absurd loopholes that mean 40 per cent of all gun sales in America currently have no background checks whatsoever – meaning any crackpot or criminal can get their hands on whatever they want.

These measures, which will be resisted every step of the way, won’t stop all gun crime. Nor all mass shootings. There are too many guns out there, and too many criminals and mentally deranged people keen to use them. But the measures will at least make a start. And they will signal an intent to tackle this deadly scourge on American life.

It’s the usual gun control silliness; it won’t work but we should do it anyway because it’s a good thing to do even if it doesn’t work. In other words, banning assault weapons and interjecting the government into private firearms sales is feel-good security theater.

If the former [disgraced] British tabloid editor had an editor, he would have cut out the next paragraph. Because this is the exactly the kind of disgraceful attack on Americans’ Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms that has American gun owners up in arms (so to speak):

Obama should follow up by launching a Government buy-back for all existing assault weapons in circulation (as worked successfully in Los Angeles last week). I would go further, confiscating the rest and enforcing tough prison sentences on those who still insist on keeping one.

OK, let’s get down to it:

The concerted effort to get me thrown out of the country – which has so far gathered more than 90,000 signatures – struck me as rather ironic, given that by expressing my opinion I was merely exercising my rights, as a legal US resident, under the 1st Amendment, which protects free speech.

You want irony (Piers)? Guess who’s fought—and won—the battle to ensure that resident aliens have Constitutional protections? The Second Amendment Foundation, on behalf of a Massachusetts resident alien who wanted to exercise his Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.

Of course, he was a permanent resident alien. Got a green card Piers? ‘Cause if you’re here on an H1 Visa, well, you could very well be SOL, should the Powers That Be decree that you be a communist or some damn danger to America.

And while I no more expect the Obama administration to kick you ass out of the U.S. than I expect to see NBC Meet The Pressmeister David Gregory spending quality cell time with Bubba for his AR-15 mag stunt, Piers would be well advised to bone-up on his social studies before taking a citizenship test, and do in the classroom what he seems incapable of elsewhere: STFU.