“NBC evidently got conflicting guidance from federal and local law enforcement officials about the legality of displaying an empty gun magazine on ‘Meet the Press,’ according to statements by the agencies involved. An official with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives told CNN that he relayed information to NBC from the Washington Metropolitan Police Department that displaying an empty gun magazine was legal. Meanwhile, an MPD spokeswoman said her department told NBC such a display would be illegal. It was not clear in what order NBC received the communications. NBC declined again on Thursday to comment on the matter.” The ATF told CNN . . .

. . . that a reporter with NBC News – not Gregory – called ATF last Friday to inquire whether it would be legal to have ammunition or an empty magazine on the set of the Sunday show, which is broadcast from Washington.

The ATF official said he reached out to officers with the MPD to ask if that was permissible.

“What was relayed back to me – which turned out to be a miscommunication – is ammunition was not legal unless (in the possession of an officer), but a magazine was not a problem,” said the official, who passed along the information to NBC.

If I remember correctly, ignorance is no excuse under the law. Unless, of course, it is.

50 Responses to BREAKING: ATF OK’ed NBC Gregory’s Illegal AR-15 Magazine Stunt

  1. So now ATF rules trump all state/city/district law?
    Does that basically invalidate DC gun restrictions, Chicago’s, New York City’s, and any other more restrictive laws?

  2. Every single time I have been a part of something that was in the news, “journalists” have shown an incredible amount of stupidity in explaining what I knew happened.

    Apparently, basic firearms laws are no exception to the trend.

  3. The ATF okayed the possession of the magazine, post hoc, after CNN agreed to quash any negative Fast and Furious coverage. Sound about right?

  4. I can’t believe she tried to make Gregory’s infraction Keene’s failure. If he would have just said,”If I was the DA yes, he would be up on charges. But, personally I believe this is a frivolous law.” – DONE.

    Me personally – I say throw the book at him and see how fast changes his tune on gun control.

  5. So the ATF, which is ultimately under President Obama, the person who lied to us about Libya to get reelected supposedly granted permission to one of the news agencies that helped get him elected. Yeah, this doesn’t sound fishy or anything.

  6. “All animals are equal, but some Animals are more equal than others!”

    FAH Q! David Gregory you hypocritic bastard!!!

    • Because a 10 year old in a Red state likely knows more about guns then the entire news room put together.


  7. Average US Citizen: The 2nd Amendment says I can.
    DC Police: No, you can’t.
    ATF: Yes, you can; we’re doing the Obama administration a favor.
    Obama administration: You can’t unless we say you can, but if you make a big enough donation to the Inauguration Committee, we’ll say you can.

  8. The adults are on vacation this week and the children are unsupervised. Seriously, what ignorant newsie thought up this one? You can almost hear it unfolding…

    #1: Boss says we blew it using that magazine as a prop.

    #2: I know, especially now that everyone knows the po-po told us not to.

    #1: Hey, let’s call what’s-his-name at BATF an get a retroactive hall pass.

    #2: Great idea! I’ll call now.

    Of course the problem with kids being kids is they don’t think things through. Kids being kids they forgot (or never learned) that a federal agency can’t overrule state or local laws by fiat. Nope. You need an executive order for that. So lets keep shredding the BoR.

  9. The constitution and laws – optional under Dear Leader Barack Obama’s benevolent rule! When Mexican gangsters get “assault rifles” on the US taxpayer’s dime, you can excuse an Obama lap-dog like Gregory for brandishing an empty magazine, I guess.

  10. So apparently you have to be important to get an actual, straight (if suspicious) answer.

    Besides, how many times have we heard on hear about one person at the ATF saying one thing, and the asked later getting in trouble because another agent says something else.

  11. I have always been told if you have a question for the ATF, to get the answer in writing, because the rules change by agent to agent. Also, along with my C&R license came a huge volume of state & local firearms laws. This is because the ATF regs do not supersede state and local laws. This blows.

  12. Maybe someone should start another online petition,
    demanding that the DCPD do it’s duty, RE Mr. Gregory’s obvious,
    recorded, and willful violation of the law.

    I mean, the other petition has done us so much good,
    ridding us of that Morgan guy.

  13. Is it time for a Million Magazine March on Washington DC?

    Since it is now clear that displaying an empty illegal magazine is A-OK, shouldn’t the NAR/GOA/SAF/etc. immediately organize a march where every person is holding a high-capacity magazine aloft?

    What else is illegal to own in DC? Let’s display those too, and see if the ATF and DCPD do anything about that.

  14. The only holdup in this “investigation” is a lack of a solution to where they can still bust us common folk but Gregory gets off scott free….

  15. “. . . that a reporter with NBC News – not Gregory – called ATF last Friday to inquire whether it would be legal to have ammunition or an empty magazine on the set of the Sunday show, which is broadcast from Washington.”

    Doesn’t sound like they specified how many rounds said magazine could hold. The ATF probably assumed they were referring to a piece of metal with a spring in it that was legal to own in their area, not a scary 30 rounder. The miscommunication is NBC playing a game of “mom said/dad said” while knowingly breaking the law; if the magazine was legal, they wouldn’t have asked for permission in the first place.

    • “. . . that a reporter with NBC News – not Gregory – called ATF last Friday to inquire whether it would be legal to have ammunition or an empty magazine on the set of the Sunday show, which is broadcast from Washington.”

      reporters name?….clinton you say….can we inquire….oh we can’t you say she hit her head…. again?

  16. Someone should give Emily Miller a call and see what happens when she calls the ATF and DC PD as a reporter who want to do a story.

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