BREAKING: AR-15 “Assault Rifle” Newtown Spree Killer’s Main Weapon


“The Connecticut state medical examiner revealed that the suspect in the shooting deaths of 26 people at an elementary school used the most powerful weapon at his disposal,” reveals. “The .223 Bushmaster rifle, once thought to be recovered in the suspect’s car, was the main weapon in the fatal shootings. All the victims died as a result of gunshot wounds from the rifle, and all the students were in the first grade. Chief Medical Examiner H. Wayne Carver II said during a news conference [click here to view] that all victims appeared to have multiple wounds, and the majority of them were likely not shot at close range. ‘This type of weapon, the bullets were designed in such a fashion that the energy is deposited in the tissue, and so the bullet stays in,’ Carver said. ‘This is a very devastating set of injuries.'” The revelation makes a new Assault Weapons Ban—perhaps by Executive Order—look increasingly likely.