AR Sales Set to Skyrocket. Again. Still. More.

In the run-up to President Obama’s election in 2008, sales of so-called “military-style” rifles soared. Fears of a renewed federal assault weapons ban (AWB) fueled record demand. After the President’s election, sales hardly slackened. Then, ahead of the President’s recent reelection, gun dealers and manufacturers experienced a second sales surge for [what the industry would have the media call] modern sporting rifles. In the aftermath of the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre . . .

With the prospect of an AWB looming large, gun dealers are facing unprecedented demand—even before their doors open for business. “I’m getting calls at home from friends reserving their rifle,” a dealer (who asked to remain anonymous) told TTAG. An AR maker’s PR person (also anonymous) said his distributors have maintained respectful silence, but he expects his phone to be ringing off the hook. “We’ll do what we can as long as we can,” he said. “And hope that Americans don’t trade their gun rights for fake solutions.”