TTAG Contest: Pre-SHOT Show Swag Giveaway Extravaganza!

It seems like every time I meet someone in the industry I walk away with more free stuff than I can shake a stick at. For SHOT Show, for example, I went to Las Vegas with a nearly empty suitcase and was only able to get it closed at the end by sitting on the damned thing. So, to make room for the incoming barrage of firearms related schtuff, I’ve decided to give away everything I have lying around to one lucky TTAG reader. . .

What you see above is only what I could fit in the frame. Not pictured are a bunch of t-shirts and other assorted branded stuff, and I’m sure some other writers will contribute additional goodies. In short, its a ton of stuff.

Here’s how this is going to roll:

I’m about to link to a Google Drive survey. Contained on that survey are a bunch of TTAG related trivia questions that can be answered by using either Google or looking really closely at the website. If you get everything right your name will be entered into a list, and a computer will randomly select the winner from that list once the contest has ended (December 17th at 12 Noon Central USA Time). I’ll give you a couple reminders during the week, and update if anything “big” is added to the prize pool.

In order to win, you must meet these requirements:

  • Live in the United States (damn ITAR restrictions…)
  • Be 18 years or older
  • Include your full name and a valid email address with your submission
  • Answer all of the questions correctly (well, close enough at least. Within 1-2 stars is good enough)

Void where prohibited, no purchase necessary, yada yada yada. I might be logging IP addresses for this one solely for the purpose of cheater detection.

OK, here we go!


Good luck!