Note to Gun Control Advocates: “Hunting Rifles” Aren’t What You Think They Are

I’ve heard over and over again in the last few days that the gun control advocates aren’t after our hunting rifles. Its a blatant play to try and divide the firearms community, playing on the propensity of the older generation to (A) not care about anything that isn’t a bolt action rifle and (B) think that the damned kids need to get off their lawn. Its a divide I’ve talked about before, and one that really does threaten to open up some ground for the antis. But here’s the thing — hunting rifles evolve. There isn’t one specific model of gun that is considered “THE hunting rifle” in the United States. So when they say they don’t want to take away your hunting rifles, they’re lying. Read more:

This is my Hunting Rifle: The Evolution of Hunting Rifles in the United States