New Jersey Town Agrees with NRA, Introduces Armed School Guards

According to NBC New York, Marlboro Township in New Jersey will be posting armed security guards at every single school in their district starting after the new year. New Jersey is one of the most restrictive states when it comes to gun control, and Governor Chris Christie has previously stated that we shouldn’t be turning our schools into “armed camps” We need to look for other options. But while the politicians continue to bloviate, the school district is actually taking concrete action to protect their kids . . .

From NBC New York:

On the same day the National Rifle Association spoke publicly for the first time since last week’s elementary school massacre in Connecticut, one local school district announced plans to place armed police officers in every school.

The mayor of Marlboro Township in New Jersey said Friday there would be armed security guards at the district’s nine schools starting in January.

“This is not such a major change– we’re not putting in SWAT teams,” said Mayor Jon Hornik.

Hornik, who has three school-aged children, told NBC 4 New York he was still shaken from the Newtown shooting, and he “hasn’t stopped hugging” his five-year-old.

He statements about safety and protecting children echoed those made by the NRA earlier in the day.

“Just like what happened on 9/11 — air travel changed,” he said. “In my opinion last Friday, school security changed, and you can sit by and hope that it doesn’t happen at your school or you can take action.”

The comment about airport security following 9/11 was particularly interesting, and I wouldn’t be surprised if that becomes one of the more prevalent arguments in favor of armed guards. We felt the need to “do something” after 9/11 as well, and restricting sales of box cutters certainly wasn’t the answer then.