Help Needed: TTAG to Conduct Simulated School Shooting

Hey guys, we’ve got something awesome coming up this weekend and I need your help. You remember how everyone keeps arguing about whether allowing concealed carry in schools for students or teachers would make a difference in a school shooting? Well, we’re going to finally put that to the test . . .

If you’re in the Connecticut / New York / Rhode Island / Massachusetts area and can get to Southington, CT on Sunday (12/30), then I need your help.

We need people to participate in a simulated school shooting exercise. I’m looking for 25 participants that are willing to put themselves in an active shooter scenario to see how they would react as student, teacher, shooter and concealed carry holder in those situations. We’ll be running the simulations again and again, so you’ll get your chance to see what its like from all sides. We’ll be using Simunitions to try and get as close to a “real” scenario as possible.

Oh, and RF and myself will be there in the flesh. So if you actually want to meet us, we’ll be there!

Firearms training experience is not required, and food will be provided (I think — RF correct me if I’m wrong).

For those interested, please contact me directly —