Discovery Channel Cancels “American Guns,” Possibly “Sons of Guns” Too

According to multiple sources, the show American Guns has been cancelled following the Connecticut school shooting on Friday. After a quick check of the Discovery channel’s press-only site I can confirm that the show is no longer listed under the list of programs. The show had been in hiatus after completing its second season and did not have any additional new episodes to air, but it now appears that the show will not return for a third season and will no longer be aired on Discovery. Also curiously missing from the list of programs is Sons of Guns, the reality show on Discovery that kicked off the rash of firearms related shows in the last few years, but there has been no official word on that yet that I can see. . .

From Fox News:

A Discovery rep told FOX411 that “American Guns” – which is out of production and not currently broadcasting new episodes – has been canceled and will not return for a third season. This comes as something of a surprise given its growing popularity. The show had a 50 percent ratings increase for its second season premiere, and one of its stars, Renee Wyatt, recently said she would “definitely” be interested in returning for season three. The rep, however, would not link the show’s cancelation to the Connecticut school massacre.

A rep for the guns rights group The Firearm Coalition responded, telling us: “It does not surprise me that Discovery may be lowering the profile of its gun coverage. That’s their prerogative. Nonetheless this tragedy has as much to do about lawful use of guns as the lawful use of cars has to do with a car bombing.”

Listen, I’m not going to say either show was a shining example of the American gun culture or that it was particularly good TV, but these were fairly popular shows that portrayed firearms and firearms owners in a positive light. And obviously we can’t have any of that.