Defensive Gun Use of the Day: No One Needs More Than Ten Rounds Edition


A lazy Saturday morning in Sacremento, California was interrupted by a gun fight Saturday in a Sacramento man’s front yard. Three men, armed to the teeth, were attempting to break into his house, but the homeowner decided his life and property were worth defending. Not to mention the group of kids that were reportedly for a sleepover. CBS Sacremento picks up the story . . .

Police say around 3:30 a.m. Saturday, armed suspects burst into a home on Haven Court, trying to rob those inside. Instead, one of the homeowners would grab a gun, and after an exchange of gunfire, the homeowner and two suspects would be wounded, while another suspect was shot dead.

Against three attackers, the homeowner killed one and wounded the other two attackers before being shot himself.

From the local ABC affiliate:

When officers arrived, they found one robbery suspect fatally wounded; the suspect was pronounced dead at the scene. The homeowner was also shot and was transported a hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Another robbery suspect, 21 year old Thomas Ordonaz, who was injured in the shooting was later arrested on charges of assault with a deadly weapon and accessory.

A third person showed up at a local hospital with gunshot wounds. It’s unclear how this person is connected to the incident, but was detained by police, Morse said.

There’s a rising number of home invasions where the robbers kill any and all occupants they find to try and cover their tracks. So there’s a good chance that the father saved the lives of his family and the other children on Saturday by resisting the forces of evil using his constitutionally protected right to bear arms. The same rights the president and members of Congress are working so hard to limit.

Three attackers. Three armed men trying to get inside a house, determined to separate the homeowners from their possessions by any means possible. Tell me that limiting magazine capacity to 10 rounds makes sense when there are three armed men on your doorstep.