CheaperThanDirt! Resumes Selling and Shipping Firearms Following Massive PR Backlash

Earlier this week CheaperThanDirt!, one of the larger firearms accessories and ammunition retailers, suspended its sales of all firearms following the Connecticut shooting. The move prompted a MASSIVE internet backlash, with the number of “likes” of their Facebook page plummeting and groups springing up to promote a boycott of a “fair weather gun dealer.” It was seen as a sign that the firearms-related retailer was not as staunch a supporter of the Second Amendment as they appear to be and led to some serious hate in the comments of their Facebook posts. It now appears that they’ve decided to re-start firearms sales, most likely in an attempt to regain some of the 2A cred that they lost in the last few days. CTD employees were still unavailable for comment at time of publication.