TTAG Daily Digest: Americans Oppose an AWB


Ninety-three-year-old firearms fashionista Mikhail Kalashnikov has been in a Moscow hospital for almost a week. His assistant, Nikolai Shklyaev, said the Father of the AK-47 entered intensive care last Thursday. Kalashnikov told his number one that he felt fine but was “exhausted.” There’s apparently no truth to rumors that Kalashnikov was distraught over prospects of a renewed assault weapons ban in decadent, capitalist America. But there’s plenty of other gun news in The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave, including a new poll that shows that the majority of Americans oppose an assault weapons ban . . .

Lt. Spock would have made a lousy gun control advocate, even as a child. Drive to have kids send 1,000 anti-gun pictures to White House by Christmas falls short thinks knowing you have an irresponsible journalist in your neighborhood is every bit as important as ID’ing gun owners. I guess it’s hard not to agree.

What was that about a lamp and an honest man? Meanwhile, the anti-AWB side will take what it can get; ABC says Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn’s “shown a willingness to obstruct even popular legislation.”

House Oversight Committee ranking member Elijah Cummings filed a motion to dismiss the contempt of Congress suit filed against Attorney General Eric Holder. Apparently trying to investigate a coverup of gun-running and dead US citizens by holding the AG’s feet to the proverbial fire after years of obstruction constitutes a “rush toward unnecessary conflict.”

“State Sen. Richard Codey (D-Essex) plans to introduce a bill to require the state divest pension funds invested in any company that sells or manufactures assault rifles.” NJ doesn’t have any such investments.

Codey’s buddy Cryan (D-Union) plans to introduce a measure to limit the capacity of ammunition magazines in New Jersey to five rounds. Does he have shares in Smith & Wesson? Same link as above.

Why we need gun control So many standard issue gun control arguments in one place even the commentators can’t be bothered to refute them all. “Not much use explaining it to you…” a commentator says

“Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne proposed a plan Wednesday to allow one educator in each school to carry a gun after they receive free firearms training from law enforcement.” Allow?

A Smart Way to Control Guns: Force Owners to Buy Insurance For Them Force. Don’t you love it when they say “force”? Neither do I.

And finally, a majority of Americans oppose an assault weapons ban. A two percent drop in opposition, well within the polls margin of error. But that’s a story for another day. Tomorrow, in fact.