Question of the Day: What Did Santa Leave Under Your Tree?

And don’t tell us about that can of Simonize in your stocking or the new putter you found leaning against the fireplace. No, we want to know what the jolly old elf brought that’s, you know, gun-realted. Duh. Was it a heinous 33-round magazine for your Teutonically perfect pistol? A case of ammo so you can spend a little more quality time at the range? Maybe junior found his first .22 tucked way back in the corner behind the tree. I got the two future-ban-compliant mags in the pic, above. Did you maybe score a Bore Snake for your shotty? A 5-gallon bucket of Hoppe’s? Or a shiny semi-auto handgun that will appall your relatives? Oooh! Maybe you were you a really good girl or boy this year . . . and now you’re showing off a brand-spanking new indefensible black military-style rifle. Whatever it was, we hope it’s exactly what you wanted. So tell us all about it.