Question of the Day: How Do You Choose The Right Holster?

In response to a recent IGOTD post about a moviegoer who’d left his gun behind, reader Sid left the following comment:

A lesson in equipment should be learned by those new to guns. Prior to our 09-10 deployment, my MPs were issued a POS holster for the M9. Handguns falling out of holsters was a daily event. Why the US Army bought and issued a bleeping holster that does not actually hold the gun is beyond me. My Sunday School class and a few members of our church bought Blackhawk Serpa holsters for every member of my platoon that did not have one. Not one issue for a year long deployment. A few of us in the platoon had purchased and tested the holsters . . .

There are some beautiful handcrafted holsters available. And there are some industrially designed highly functional holsters available. But regardless of beauty or design pedigree, a holster that does not HOLD the pistol is bleeping useless. You have to work with your holster for a few days to decide. If your kidneys quit functioning because of the pounding, not a good choice. If the gun falls out while seated or running, also bad. For concealed carry, does it print?

One of the slightly time-consuming responsibilities of being a concealed carry citizen is to ensure your holster functions appropriately.

It can be hard to know if a holster will work for you before plunking down your hard-earned samolians.  As Sid wrote, you may have to work with one for a few days to be sure you have a good one. Since it’s can be a very personal choice, how do you choose the right holster?