OMG! Teachers! Learning to Use Guns! OMG!

Holy crap…this teachers learning to use firearms thing is for real! Just like the NRA proposed! And Alexander Abad-Santos is freaking out over it! He read a Reuters report about 200 teachers in Utah signing up for classes and sees a very bad moon on the rise. “The apparent post-Newtown craze for gun-rights activists to transform teachers into gun-class students has arrived despite the fact that no armed civilian has killed a mass shooter in the past three decades.” Of course, the fact that all but one of those mass shooting happened in gun-free zones may have had something to do with that. Just a thought. But groups like the Utah Shooting Sports Council and the Buckeye Firearms Association aren’t waiting around for federal legislation. They’re training teachers and school personnel now. So while more parents are demanding armed defenders to protect their children, the process for making sure someone’s equipped to deal with an active shooter in schools is proceeding apace. OMG!