See? Enhanced Gun Control is Working! Already!

Our handsy friends at the TSA publish a blog (who knew?) featuring highlights from their weekly take of contraband. Naturally, the compendium includes guns appropriated from travelers who’d unknowingly (or not) left a pistol in their carry-on before going through an airport prostate/pelvic probulation station. And shazam, they have some great post-Newtown news! As is reporting, gun confiscations were way down for the week ended Friday. The TSA normally snags about 30 heaters a week. But last week’s take — even with all that Christmas traffic — was only 16. Thanks, Senator Feinstein! Unfortunately, there’s a bitter dash of yang to go along with the sweet taste of yin. While gats were down, the number of hand grenades found was up. Our blue-gloved guardians sniffed out ten of them. Yes, yes, they were all inert. But you can probably see how even a hollowed out hand grenade could cause a tizzy or two. Or can you?