Report: ATFE Finally Sacking, Demoting Fast & Furious Agents

Call it some long-delayed house cleaning, now that the election is over and there’s no longer a political penalty to pay. I call it too little and far too late. Either way, the ATFE has reportedly fired, demoted or revoked the security clearances of several key F&F conspirators. The major news outlets have been quiet as a dormouse about this development, but lays it all out:

Former ATF Special Agent in Charge of the Phoenix Field Division Bill Newell, former ATF Special Agent in Charge of Operations in the West Bill McMahon, and former Assistant Special Agent in Charge of the Phoenix Field Division George Gillett were fired. Former Assistant Special Agent in Charge Jim Needles and Field Supervisor David Voth were demoted. Lead case agent Hope McAllister was placed on leave and transferred out of Phoenix…

In August it was revealed Agent McMahon was collecting a six figure salary from JP Morgan in the Philippines. JP Morgan owns the ATF’s credit cards. At the same time, he was on paid leave by the ATF.

Despite these developments, the agents will receive full retirement benefits.

After the damage they’ve done to international relations, Brian Terry (and his family) and hundreds of Mexican citizens, it’s nice to know they’ll still have enough scratch to hit the links in Boca, isn’t it. Maybe they’ll be classy like O.J. Simpson and devote the rest of their lives to finding Terry’s killers.