Warning! Booby-Trapped Ammo

“The United States has been seeding battlefields with improvised exploding ammunition, part of a large-scale project intended to undermine the Taliban that can have grisly unintended effects,” C. J. Chivers reports at atwar.blogs.nytimes.com. “Such ammunition was introduced by the United States to Afghanistan with hopes that it would explode inside the weapons of its foes. But ammunition tends to move fluidly through and around conflict zones. And once loose, booby-trapped ammunition does not distinguish between a weapon held by a Talib, a weapon held by an American soldier or a weapon held by anyone else.” What are the odds that some of that booby-trapped ammo could work its way back to the U.S.? Small. But you won’t see me buying loose ammo from abroad any time soon. Just sayin’ . . . [Click here for video of booby-trapped weapons and ammo]