There’s That Ugly Gun Again!

You may recall that a recent Question of the Day on mod mania featured an Oleg Volk snap of a Springfield M1A Scout in a Rogue bullpup chassis with a Weaver 2.5-10x scope, Magpul BUIS and Atlas bipod. Well, here it is in action. And it seems to throw lead downrange with aplomb. As for the XS Products’ high-capacity X-FAL Coil Mag, what’s not to like about having 50 rounds of .308 ready to rock and roll? Other than equipment price ($270 plus S&H), ammo cost (around $35 per mag), weight (not known) and reliability (seems to work just fine here). The company promises to invite TTAG to their next hoe-down. We promise to give our readers more T&E and less T&A. Well, more T&E.