The Truth About Guns TV Show Update

The most important info about the progress of TTAG’s TV pilot: I managed to find a pair of pink embroidered cowboy boots for Lola at Billy’s Western Wear. I can now return home safe in the knowledge that my nine-year-old will receive me with open arms. Much like God will receive the soul of the deer that Dan’s shot; his first kill. In theory. In practice, well, I learned two things about real world deer hunting this morning. First, anyone who thinks deer are defenseless doesn’t appreciate the dangers of hypothermia. Second, you can’t always shoot what you want. No deer for Dano. Yet. Our Managing Editor (Dan), Gun Test Editor (Nick) and Official Lever Gun Twirler (Tyler) are out hunting at a super-secret location even as I type. I’ll keep you posted. We’ll be filming the links later and running the Top Gear test track—I mean three-gun course of fire tomorrow. I’m really stoked about the show. Watch this space.